At Indigo Communications, Inc., we harness the power of great storytelling to provide our clients turnkey production solutions and services for digital media, traditional media and creative media projects.

Indigo is a full-service, media production firm powered by experienced storytellers and creative visionaries. As a boutique firm, we’re able to produce and create stories that always present our client’s brand in a positive light…on time, on budget.

Indigo’s primary asset is storytelling, and we tell “our clients’ stories” in ways that positively impacts the thoughts of viewers and compels the targeted audience to become inspired by our on-screen characters, and to learn from their experiences.

From transmedia, follow docs, entertainment, educational and multicultural programs to traditional and digital media projects, Indigo’s production team strategizes and executes their multimedia endeavors with creative verve, cutting-edge technology and a collaborative spirit backed by an uncanny attention to detail.